Spring Jacket (Tutorial)

So KCW is here! If you are not familiar with it, it is a week long challenge where participants are encouraged to sew an hour a day for kids. I wanted to sew a spring jacket for Ania. I meant to do it in March, but couldn't get my act together. I was afraid that the weather would become too warm before I finish. No worries, it is April 23, and everything is still covered with white fluffy stuff. Sigh. I need more chocolate.

The pattern is IZZY by Farbenmix. It seems that people either absolutely love Farbenmix patterns and use them exclusively, or think that the whole thing is crazy with all the mismatched prints and embellishments galore. I am sort of in between. I think they create happy clothes for children and for the most part it works. Though, it is easy to go overboard. What I like about Farbenmix patterns is that they are very well made. The fit is always superb.

The jacket is lined with fur that is so incredibly soft. The main fabric came from IKEA.
I made my first lined jacket a few years ago. I didn't have any instructions, it seemed pretty self explanatory. And then I got to sleeves and was completely stumped. How in the world do you join the sleeves? Turns out, it is pretty easy. That's how you do it.
1. Insert the inner sleeve inside the outer sleeve. Make sure everything is aligned and fits well together. Pin the sleeves together with a safety pin.

2. Reach into the sleeves, between two layers,  through an opening you left at the bottom of the jacket. Hold the two sleeves at the safety pin and pull the pinned sleeves through the sleeve and the opening at the bottom of the jacket. Ignore the body of the jacket, it will look messy.

3. Remove the safety pin. The two sleeves now face each other, like two pipes. Pinch the outer and inner sleeves right side together and pin.

4. Sew around this circular hem.

5. Pull the sleeves back through the jacket. Repeat on the opposite sleeve.

You are done. Perfectly lined sleeves.

Love the kangaroo pocket in front!


  1. indeed, both the fabric and the pattern create a very happy coat :) I really liked the details, like the pocket and the diagonal zipper! super job!

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  3. This is great Olga? Poor you still having snow! Where do you live??

  4. Love how the coat turned out. Great colors and thanks for the tip.

  5. Lovely coat! So cute! Found you at Someday Crafts.
    Blessings, Gloria @The Resourceful Gals

  6. This is super cute! I love the coat & the fabric.

  7. LOVE the polka dots and the asymmetrical zipper!

  8. Wowie! Are you talented! Thanks for visiting the Mom's Monday Mingle... I had a blast co-hosting cause I got to find great blogs like yours! Following you here and everywhere.

  9. Beautiful! LOVE this jacket! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  10. Great idea. Love the colors - beautiful work!

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely project :). I featured it here:


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