Family Photos

When I was asked to participate in the Family Photo Stitched With Love, hosted by the Shafer Sisters, I became excited. So much fun! We decided to do a practice run, first.

The baby absolutely refused to be in any of the pictures. We tried. We jumped and dangled toys in front of her, clapped, and did all kinds of other crazy antics to no avail. There was no convincing her. So we moved on without her.

I was moving around like a madwoman, barking orders, saying silly things, starting to sweat, thinking that if this continues, I might break into hives. The children were not cooperating and they were getting bored. If I was to remain sane it needed to stop.  So that evening, exhausted, I did some soul searching. I came to the realization that traditional portraits are beautiful, but they are just not me.  They are too meticulously staged and too perfect. I tend to be random and my thinking is too abstract for that. I thrive on spontaneity, on living in the moment.

I always enjoyed vignettes, whether in literature or photography - capturing the moment of a child's life. I can work with that. So we went to the park and I just let them be. These are certainly not true vignettes; I still gave orders, but they were minimal - sit here, lie down on the blanket, run, jump, etc. (You might star wondering if I don't like the fourth child. I do, I really do. She just does her own thing.) 

They are certainly not perfect pictures. But I love that they capture my children's personalities. The oldest is protective of his younger siblings. They are really lucky to have him as a big brother.
This one that says it all. Please tell me your children also fight occasionally.

We even tried to pose. Well, that didn't go well.

The pictures might not be living room wall worthy, nor will I be getting any offers from National Geographic, but we made memories and had fun. And that's a wrap, folks.

Oh yeah, the clothes. I chose the neutral pallet. Ania's dress is blogged about here. The pattern is by Elegance and Elephants. Eli's shirt is a Burda pattern refashioned from a crib sheet, blogged here. His shorts were refashioned from my pants, blogged here. Max is wearing store bought clothes. Sigh.
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  1. Oh how sweet!!! They are all gorgeous, and you definitely have some there that are wall worthy...especially as a series. Maybe you could photoshop bubba in??!!

    1. Oh you are talking....photoshop the fourth child in...genius!

  2. I love the color pallet you chose! Your pictures are so fun because it is candid! You can see each of your kids' personalities!

  3. Awwwwww, these photos are PERFECT. I definitely prefer this style than the...sit on this paper mache bridge with a pumpkin in your lap and a leaf in your hand-type of photos.
    The first one of E almost falling of the sofa...HILARIOUS!!!
    GO Olga!!!

  4. Oh wow! Love your series of photos- so much fun and your kids personalities really shine through. Good Looking kids you got there.

  5. so adorable. I had several laughs when watching. I loved the 1st one, trying to stop Evelina, then I liked where they sat on the bench, kind of romantic. Then the sulken one is so much fun :) short, I enjoyed it a lot! I also love the idea of photoshopping Evelina in :D

  6. They're perfect. I'm always amazed by people who can corral their children into an organized picture looking sweetly in the same direction. I have two and it aint happening. That's ok these pictures tell a story and that's pretty great! -Rachel

  7. Love! And children fight more than just occasionally! ;) These are so cute! I may go against the grain here but I say leave them the way they are; it is real; authentic. KWIM?

  8. The pictures are previous! Hilarious that the baby refused to be involved. Too busy being a kid, I guess! I love using sheets for clothes! And the neutral colors are perfect.


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