Pattern Testing for Compagnie M.

Recently I had a chance to test Compagnie M's brand new pattern, Swing Skirt. It's a darling pattern with a few interesting details. I tested the skirt in size 12 months.

The skirt has an inverted box pleat in  front, two round pockets, and an invisible zipper in the back. The skirt is fitted, but Marte also includes an adjustable waste option. I think with smaller sizes it helps to have an elastic inserted.

When you sew such small sizes, you can get away with using scraps of fabric. The main fabric is a corduroy leftover from a project I made for a friend a few years ago. I had a tiny piece of the awesome unicorn fabric I used to make Ania a jacket.

The child refused to stand still even for a second and had to be held back by  my assistant, aka her oldest brother. You might also wonder what in the world happened to her bangs, why they are so uneven and angular. Couldn't her mother do a better job chopping them off. Ahem. I don't know what you are talking about. :)

The pattern is for purchase here.



  1. Oh, it's so cute! I always love these tiny little skirts, my daughters are 9 and 11 so my version of the Swing Skirt was slighty bigger :-)

  2. Awwww. I was thinking about this skirt and little ladies. Looks so good!!

  3. Ahhh, love this skirt and E is crazy cute. And her bangs look good to me (maybe because they look the same as my kids' home chopped bangs ;-)


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