Willow and Co, the New Collection

You've probably heard by now,  the Willow and Co first collection is here. I am one of the designers. What I privilege it is to be surrounded by a group of such talented ladies. I am truly in awe. It has been quite a ride. I never realized how much work goes into creating a pattern, and so much more work into making a collection, from choosing a theme to sewing multiple samples for the photoshoot. I am certainly not complaining, I learned a lot, made great friends and had fun.

The collection's theme - Wanderlust - was perfect for designing comfortable, child friendly clothes with special unique details. Our goal was to create high quality patterns with great fit and finishing details. I think we succeeded, I really hope you like them too! My contribution to the collection was the Mullberry tunic. I strived to design a versatile pattern that can be used to create a variety of looks. It's completely unisex and looks good on active toddlers and fashion conscience preteens. Depending on the fabric and pattern options, the shirt can be casual or appropriate for special occasions. Check out the amazing creations from my awesome group of testers.
If you love the collection the special bundle sale is still on till May 6th. By purchasing the bundle you get three patterns for free!



  1. My sewing machine is fixed after its crash. I really can't wait to make several more of the Mulberry this summer.

  2. I have just made a mulberry - I am SOOO excited to blog about it but want to do some shorts to go with it for the post so will have to wait until next week I think. It looks fab! It's such a great pattern, congratualtions.

  3. Good job! Excellent Pattern! You made me wanna make shirts :-)


  4. Love this pattern!
    I didn't get it this time, but it's next of my list - looks perfect for layering and I love the fact that it can also be made for my boys!!


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