Mulberry Tunic as a Dress

I wanted to make a dress version of my pattern for Willow and Co.,  Mulberry tunic, for  a while. I thought it would be an easy remix, and the result will be cute. I was right. :)

The modifications were easy to make. I cut the lower front bodice and the back bodice where the hem curves and added the length I wanted. I also added tiny ties at the back. I am not sure if I like it with the ties or without the ties.

The turquoise fabric is a leftover piece from the sample I made for the collection (you can purchase it here). The embroidered fabric is from a towel I got from an old lady at the garage sale. It was brand new, used as part of a d├ęcor. The lady was super sweet and had quite a few embroidered things. I got them all. :)

The child absolutely refused to give up her sippy cup. Believe me, I tried to pry her hands open. No luck. You win some you lose some. :)

Off she goes. The dress is easy and comfortable. I am quite pleased with the result. 


  1. How adorable! I love this remix, and the embroidery is the perfect touch! I'll remember this to make it for my baby girl!

  2. The Mulberry as a dress? That is so great! I love the embroidery and I wish we had garage sales where I live...

  3. What a cute dress! Love sweet details like embroidery and a sippy cup ;)

  4. Really cute Olga - I love embroidery & this is a perfect way to show it off without the time invested doing it.

  5. YES!! Completely perfect. It is exactly as I imagined - so so SO great!! And Evelyn is can see the firm grip she has on her zippy cup - darn kids :-) She is a total cutie pie too!!


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