The Cosi Swimsuit by Sewpony and a TUTORIAL

I am so excited to be one of the Cosi Swimsuit by Sewpony blog tour participants. I couldn't wait for the pattern to be released! I love making swimsuits and there are so many awesome options to choose from. Add a little imagination and you are guaranteed to have one of a kind bathing suits that fits your taste and/or your child's personality.

A few years ago I used this fabric to make a swimsuit for my oldest, I had a small piece left, just enough to make a Cosi for my almost two year old. I chose a one piece option, mostly because Evelyn is skinny and bottoms don't stay on very well. 

She measured between 12 and 18 months and I cut 18 months. I meant to cut size 2 length, but got distracted (dang World Cup) and forgot. It fits her, but barely. Certainly will be too small for next year.

If you never sewn a swimsuit, have no fear! It is really fast and easy. I think swim fabric is easier to work with than regular knit, it bounces back better and doesn't curl or pucker. Suz has excellent tips and her instructions are very easy to follow. It probably took me about half an hour from start to finish. I used a double needle to topstitch, but a zigzag stitch works as well.

The only modification I made to the pattern was adding ruffles (I think the proper term for these are ruches) to the bottom. I don't add a lot of ruffles to my projects. Nothing is wrong with ruffles, it's just not my aesthetics per se. However, I can't get enough of ruffled bottoms on toddlers. They are very easy to do, and you can add them to store bought bathing suits as well.

1. Cut strips of fabric approximately 2 inches wide and  twice as long as the desired length of the finished ruffle. You can certainly vary the width of the ruffle.
2. Change the stitch length on your machine to the longest stitch length possible, such as a five. Adjust the tension on your machine to be as strong as possibly, around a nine or ten. Now, stitch in the middle of the strip of fabric, and watch the magic happen. It will be all gathered.
3. Your ruffles will look something like that. (Aren't they cute)
4. Place them on the swimsuit, wherever you wish and stitch following the gathering thread. Try not to stitch over the gathering tread, just very close to it (if you stitch over it, it's fine). Pull the gathering thread out and ta-da, cuteness overload.

Now the best news - the pattern is on sale July 7-18, enter COSITOUR15 to get 15% off at Sewpony Vintage on Etsy. It's such a great and versatile pattern, you will not regret getting it!

IT's perfect for taking a stroll looking cool as a cucumber through the splash pad or

being silly splashing around. 


  1. Oh your little one looks so cute in her swimmers :) Love the ruffles on the bum!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish my girls would still be babies for me to copy your swimsuit...

  3. Love it - ruffles and all! ;) She looks so happy in her new swimsuit!

  4. It's gorgeous Olga! I love the ruffles too! Evelyn looks gorgeous. Thank you so much!!

  5. Oh i love the ruffles so so cute!!!!

  6. This is your baby? She's gotten so big, such a cute swimsuit :)

  7. Oh, man I love those captures perfectly her having fun in the sprinklers. She is SO cute.....and if this is not the age to have ruffles on your bum I do not know when to do have it :-))


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