Bundle Up Boys Pattern Tour

I am super excited to be one of the bloggers to showcase a new boys pattern bundle collection. It seriously consists of the coolest boy patterns ever. There are so many awesome patterns in the bundle, I had the hardest time selecting the pattern I wanted to showcase, ultimately choosing Zander's Hoodie by EYMM for the main pattern and Field Research pants by Scientific Seamstress to compliment the hoodie. I fell in love with the hoodie as soon as I saw the picture. I wanted to make an asymmetrical zipper sweatshirt for a while now, so the Zander's Hoodie pattern was perfect.

I love how the hoodie turned out. It certainly doesn't look homemade, but as if it came from an expensive store. It's different and unique and has such a cool vibe about it. It's also gender neutral. I am planning to make one for my daughter in more girly fabric. I know she will rock it.  It is lined inside, with no visible seams except where the sleeves are attached to the main body. I am a total geek about things like that. I would say the pattern is suitable for a sewist with intermediate skills, though a confident beginner can tackle it too. The only part that I struggled with was taping it together, but I think it's mostly because I am not used to patterns tiled the way where you do not need to trim paper sheets to fit it together.   

My son loves the hood. He was also a trooper, it was about 90 degrees and humid while we took the pictures. The fact that he suffered through it says how much he really likes it.

The main fabric came from a 5XL sweatpants. They were brand new, but damaged and cost me $3.00. I also realized that they were not really meant for a big person, they were designed to be worn sagging. No sagging pants in this household are allowed. At least not yet. The lining fabric I had for a long time. I bought it on-line to make pjs for Eli, but when it came in the mail, I realized that it was way too thin and see through for pajamas, but worked perfectly as lining.

Speaking of pants. I also made Field Research pants by Scientific Seamstress. They are the coolest and mine don't do them justice. I meant to include all the cool features included in the pattern, but realized that I didn't have enough fabric to do that, so they are rather plain. I also should have made a smaller size.That said, I plan to make another pair. This was my first time using Scientific Seamstress pattern, and I quite enjoyed the process. You print different sizes separately, but the awesome part is that she gives multiple options for length. How cool is that! Perfect for Eli, who is tall and skinny.

Here is the line drawing to give you an idea how cool the pants are. The pattern also has notches and we all know how much I appreciate notches. :)

I can't wait to see what other tour participants make. Check out the sale. It starts TODAY.

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  1. very cool! and a great look for the older boys. Awesome!!!

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! The saggy pants never looked so good before ;) Oh I hope that made sense haha

  3. I love your zippy! I'm not a huge fan of the asymmetrical hoodies I've seen, but the Zander has made me rethink that. I really like the look of this hoodie!

  4. Love it! (but of course you know that) I linked to yours in my blog tour post too, I love the thrifted sweat idea.

  5. Those turned out amazing! LOVE that hoodie and the pants are perfect!

  6. He looks amazing!! Beautiful sewing Olga!!


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