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I am taking part in Made It Patterns fashion show for their newest collection release. When I received an email from Olu asking bloggers for their interest in the tour of the up-coming patterns collection, I was intrigued. Olu posted a few sneak peaks of the collection on IG and the Pocket Fold Skirt caught my eye. It's such a unique design! I chose the Matrix Polo to go with the skirt and I love the final results.

The Polo shirt might be my new favorite pattern, it's very well done.  I already made another one for my son. It comes together rather fast, and has such fun details - from the unusual zipper installation to numerous colorblocking possibilities. The pattern is very well drafted and the instructions are clear and to the point. I drafted my own long sleeve, the pattern has only a short sleeve option. It tends to be cold where we live, and the short sleeves shirts season is quite brief, unfortunately. It has been unusually cold the past two weeks. Even though it's summer I had to wear a coat during the photoshoot.

The fabric came for my stash. I had a small remnant left from making a skirt for myself, which was purchased as a  remnant and cost me $2.00. It's some sort of  ponte roma knit and has a nice feel to it. The beige jersey I got at the garage sale for 50c. The shirt pretty much cost me nothing. I often hear other bloggers say that it's impossible to save money while sewing and that it's an expensive hobby and you do it for the love of sewing. It certainly can be true, but it doesn't have to be. It's like with anything else, all depends on where you shop and what your goals are. I started sewing because I wanted to make unique things and save money. Occasionally, I splurge on fabric for sure, but most things I make cost we way less that what I would spend in the store, maybe not Walmart, but definitely way less then trendy shops. Where else would I buy such a cool shirt for pennies? 

Here is Ania practicing her catwalk. :) It was really funny, because the child doesn't quite understand the concept of just walking. She kept running and skipping and making gigantic strides. I think we need to practice a bit more for the next fashion show. 

And this is what happens when I ask her to strike a pose. 

The Pocket Fold skirt is brilliant in design and ingenious in construction. I was really blown away by the creativity and ingenuity. Truly one of a kind. I would love it in my size please (hint hint) The pattern is drafted well, everything comes together perfectly. It's not a very fast sew and not something you can make without following every single step of the tutorial, but the results are totally worth it. The instructions are to the point and not difficult to follow.  I do wish though that a different fabric was used for the tutorial pictures. It's very pretty, but unfortunately the fabric looks identical on both sides, which made it a bit more confusing for me since I am very visual. Otherwise, the pattern is great! 

This pose clearly indicates that she was done with the photoshoot. lol  I played with the stripes placement in the skirt, and I like how it turned out. I also added a piece of elastic in the back, I tacked it to the seam allowances and it's hidden under the facing. I didn't plan to do it, but the skirt would not stay put on Ania. I think it was a combo of the waist that was just a tad too wide and the way Ania is shaped. She is straight up and down, her chest/waist/hip measurements are pretty much identical. She has a small tummy and the skirt kept sliding down her tummy, and kept going down. lol. I tried it on before putting snaps in and it seemed tight, but apparently not tight enough to stay in place the whole day. The elastic pulls a bit at the side seams, but it solved the problem. 

Speaking of snaps. If you follow my blog, you might know that I suffer from snapophobia. Totally real, people. I never ever attached snaps in all my years of sewing. They scared me. When I picked the skirt I was so in love with the pockets, that I neglected to notice that there were snaps. Oh the horror! Well, I am happy to inform the sewing world that I am no longer a snaps virgin. They are in, and I sort of liked all the pounding involved in putting them in, makes you feel all powerful. :)

For the photoshoot, I envisioned an urban landscape, and we went to the city to take pictures. I was pleased how my vision came to life. I think it fits the outfit. Ania enjoys our city excursions because there is always pizza involved. :)

Don't you just love the yellow chairs at the Whole Foods store. I always want to take them home. :)

Thank you so much Olu and Anna for inviting me to your fashion show, I had fun with your patterns. Congratulations on such amazing collection.  To purchase go HERE. There is a sale too! 
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  1. I think you nailed it. You blog post is perfect. Your shoot is amazing. The clothes you made are inspiring. I think I need to make a long sleeve matrix Polo now. I love the fabric you used.

    Thank you so much for taking part in Madeit Fashion Week.

    P.S. We will be taking on board the comment you made about our tutorials. Thank you so much for your feedback. It is very helpful to us.

  2. Absolutely super super cool and stunning!! From the photos, to the fabric combinations to the sewing to Ania's perfect poses AND the final garments of course. So so good!! And our WF does not have those chairs ;-) They are super cute!

  3. Love that the shirt cost next to nothing!! And your snap fear....I just conquered it myself with this fashion week! Too crazy. Awesome look!

  4. What a fabulous outfit! Both the shirt and the skirt are amazing. Love how you played with the stripe placement. I agree, making things doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. You know I never feared snaps until I ruined my friend's sleeping bag while hammering snaps in, now I avoid them haha

  5. I love how you made such a chic outfit without it costing an arm and a leg! So beautiful. And I'm nervous about snaps, too. Might have to get over the fear, though, if I'm going to make more of these skirts...

  6. So cool how you made this outfit for just a few dollars!

  7. Wow!!! This is really amazing...seriously, a whole new level.

  8. This outfit is seriously stunning! I love the city settings photos too!

  9. Oh waw, what an nice sweater. Seems really hard to make!

  10. I love your outfit, gorgeous colours and mix of stripes and the long sleeves look really great (love the one black cuff too).
    Your comments have definitely been taken on board regarding the tutorials, thank you so much for your comments :)
    Oh and your photoshoot location is Fab!!

  11. I love your lil model......The whole outfit is stellar! And Ania's hair is always spot on and in place!! Kudos!
    Snaps, oh snap...yea, I've never done one either....and I hear how hard they are. Ugh.
    Any way around them ??
    Beautiful job! You are so talented....and the top too!!!! I love a good find and repurpose.

  12. Brillant! Love your long sleeves T!!!


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