The Matix Polo by Made it Pattterns

I mentioned before that I already made another Matrix Polo by Made It patterns. I really like the pattern, it's a polo but with a fun twist, a few fun twists. I made it for my oldest. I don't know why I don't sew more for him, he is the one who appreciates it the most.

We went downtown to also photograph a jacket that I made. By the time we were done with the jacket, drove to a different location and found a parking spot, the sun was almost down. The city lights came on and the photoshoot became a bit challenging. I also realized that my shutter speed was way too low, and quite a few of the pictures were ruined by my shaky hands. 

For the shirt I upcyled two t-shirts I bought at Target on clearance, plus a t-shirt that I had but never wore. I reused the binding from one of the shirts, instead of a collar. Also, I added long sleeves and cuffs. It looks like there is a wierd stain on the shirt, I assure you there isn't one. He is facing the window and it's some crazy refelction from it.  I could have spent more time in Photoshop trying to fix it, but it proved to be a bit difficult and time consuming.  

The pattern is great, I wrote more about it here. It's fun and not difficult to make, but it looks like hours were spent toiling away.  I will definitely be making more. 

Love the wide stripe in the back. Eli loves it and already wore it to school once. 


  1. This is great Olga! I love the colour combination and the change you made in the collar. Your son looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful Olga! I need to sew more for my boys too because they appreciate it so much.

  3. Ahhh, man this pattern is great. LOVE your fabric combination with the stripes and solids! And what stain-look-alikes are you talking about? I can't see anything hahaha. Great great photos as well.

  4. So cool! Love the back and the new collar. It gives it a all new look!

  5. I love this pattern and what you did with it. Great colors and such a different (yet equally awesome) look from the previous one you made. Love them both!


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