Ottobre Magazine Duffle Coat with Urban Sew Fabric

I am so excited to share this coat with you. A while ago I received two yards of very soft wool from Urban Sew Store. It was just perfect for a duffel coat I wanted to make for my oldest. It took me a while to find a suitable pattern though. There isn't much variety of boy patterns in his size. It makes me a bit sad. Ottobre magazine to the rescue!

I wish you can reach inside the screen and feel the fabric. It's just perfect for a coat, warm and thick, but also soft and pliable. I was worried that my machine would rebel against the thickness of all the layers, but it was very easy to work with. Definitely use a thick needle though. The wool would also be perfect for a nice winter skirt. There is a great variety available in the store. I used this one. There is quite a nice selection of other types of fabric as well. Pretty sure I need this one in my life.

 I said that before, I love Ottobre patterns. They are so well drafted and the fit is spot on. You might wonder about the fit of this particular coat, but it's no fault of the pattern, but rather my desire to make it just a tad bigger so it lasts longer. Well, "just a tad bigger" translated into at least a size too big. I am ok with it, it will fit perfectly in the spring, but unfortunately doesn't look as great as it could have if it was sewn in the correct size. The pattern is from 6/2012 issue, design #40. 

It took a while to make, there are quite a few pattern pieces to trace and add seam allowances to add, and then numerous places to interface.  Of course, the lining needs to be cut out as well. I added a layer of bamboo batting and quilted it to the lining. That took a while, but it makes the coat so warm and so so soft. I wouldn't attempt this pattern if you are a beginner, not because it's super difficult to make, but rather the lack of very detailed illustrated instructions makes it a bit complicated. The instructions and finishing methods they use are great, but you need to know what you are doing, there is no hand holding. Almost no changes were made to the pattern. I drafted a facing in front to go next to the zipper. I didn't want  the lining to wear out quickly. I also used snaps instead of toggles. 

My favorite part, though time consuming, of the project was all the topstitiching involved. I love nice straight lines of stitching, I find it therapeutic. It brings me great satisfaction. I can't stand crooked topstitching, in my own sewing that is. I am totally ok when others don't make it their first priority. I know I am weird, but in a sort of endearing way. Promise. :) 

I try to spend a day with each of my children, just me and one child, no other siblings vying for my attention. We usually do something fun. A while ago I decided to combine photoshoots with our fun outings. It's been great. The kids usually look forward to the photshoot and behave well since they know there will be fun involved.  I handle the photoshoots with Ania, but I let Eli be in charge. We talked about the role of light in photography and I let him scout for perfect spots. He did great. The posing was also all his. I see the fashion magazines calling. 

Eli loves his new coat. I was told that this is the best thing I've ever made for him. In retrospect I wish I made it a size smaller, but hopefully it will last him longer. 

Thank you so much Urban Sew for the beautiful fabric!


  1. It looks absolutely amazing! I'm in love with this fabric and it does look so very soft. I tend to make coats at least a size too big so it will be worn longer. Plus if it takes awhile I want to see it worn as many times as possible!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love the jacket, the topstitching and the photography!

  3. Absolutely beautiful work. It looks amazing...and seriously not that big. And the photos are gorgeous - you and Eli makes a great team!! And now all I can think of is a woolen winter skirt :-)

    1. I also had that image of a winter skirt stuck in my mind :))

  4. Beautiful Olga! your son and that coat. Your top stitching looks Pro! really a lovely job and that fabric looks so cozy!

  5. Beautiful coat and modeling. He is such a sweetie! With the speed he grows you shouldn't be worried that the coat is a tad bigger at the moment. I also found the hood design very interesting P.S. definitely the crowned-french-bulldog pattern is a must-have ))))

  6. Oh Olga, this is absolutely beautiful!! So very perfect in every way, and I love your perfect topstitching, too! Gorgeous. And as someone who likes to make clothing a size too big, you won't hear any complaints from me, ha ha. Needless to say, your son is an amazing model. So very handsome and photogenic!

  7. Wow - I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for showcasing our fabric - your sewing is absolutely amazing!!

  8. This is perfect Olga! So so good! It seems so warm and cozy and I love the colour. I wish I had your drive to make such a demanding project and with perfect topstitching :) <3 great photos and great super cute model. :)

  9. I can see the fashion mags calling too :) It is so obvious you guys have had a lot of fun! The coat, Olga. This coat is perfection itself. I don't think it looks too big.I am a 'sew-the-current-size' girl, but when it comes to outerwear I too go for a slightly larger size. With the amount of work you put into sewing this coat it would be nice for Eli to be able to enjoy wearing it a little longer :)

  10. This looks awesome. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I don't see a whole lot of sewing for boys.
    And .... because I'm making the girl version of the Ottobre Duffle Coat right now, and yeah, where are the instructions for the zipper?! I don't know where the heck to put it. I was also thinking the center front lines should be on top of each other from the left and right sides but that's not what it looks like on your photos. ??? I would super appreciate any tips you may have on this.


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