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I am participating in the blog hop for the new line, Roam, by the talented ladies of Hawthorne Threads. I think the line has many beautiful designs to choose from. The fabric is digitally printed so it will never be out of print, which is nice. The color palette of the line has rich earthy tones, just what I like. It will look equally good in quilts or clothing items. For my project I chose the Buffalo Plain in Midnight.

I made two, well, three things for the tour. Let's talk about the dress first. This is the new pattern I am working on. I hoped to be done before the tour, but a combination of several factors, including a hurt shoulder, made it impossible. This particular option has long sleeves, pleated front and a collar. The pattern is graded and so far I am happy with the results. I am sure testing will reveal things to be changed, but I am hoping they will be minor. 

My inspiration was the 60s era. My hope was for a classic dress with modern elements, that's comfortable for a playground, but also dressy enough for a special occasion. It comes in sizes 2-12 and includes several sleeve options. It can also be made sleeveless and without a collar. Don't you think the buffalo plaid is perfect for it. I love how it turned out. 

The back has an invisible zipper. Do I wish I would have matched the print better so it made a seamless back, yes, I do. Unfortunately, I didn't and there was no fabric left for me to re-cut the back piece. Now me and my perfectionism have to live with it. Ania doesn't care. :)

If everything goes according to the plan (fingers and toes crossed) it should be done and ready for testing in about two weeks.

When the package came, there was also a strip of fabric with the Winter Fawn designs printed on it. I thought it would make a cute bubble skirt. I am partial to bubble skirts on little girls, I think they are adorable. Besides, Evelyn is heavily into skirts nowadays. 

For the photoshoot we went to a local gallery of modern art. It's quite big and well known. This was a bit funny. They are building a new wing, and the wall of windows facing the construction was tinted so you can't see through, except for two circles. What a genius idea, looks intriguing and cool, but there is nothing more then a construction site to see. 

I used this method to make the skirt. It's by far the fastest and easiest way to make a bubble skirt. It takes 20 minutes tops from start to finish. Trust me. :) 

I used and Ottobre pattern (6/2013, #14) to make the shirt. The frill of course was made from the woven fabric, so I lowered the neckline by about 1 cm (3/8 in), basted it on and tried it on Evelyn to make sure her head could go through. The knit came from my stash, it's very soft. 

The girls really enjoyed the museum. Even though some of the art pieces were perplexing to me, I really would like to go back. It was a nice place to take pictures, since the kids were preoccupied, but the light was horrid. It was dark, I had to crank up ISO to some ridiculous number and shoot wide open. The lighting above the paintings casted hard shadows. But I am running out of places to take pictures during winter. Any ideas? 

This was the wall paper in the coat room. Pretty cool, ha. 

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate. Check out the Roam line HERE. And check out the talented line up for the tour.
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And now comes the fun part!  The giveaway! Win a Dawn Fat Quarter Bundle from Hawthorne threads! Yeah! 

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  1. How funny: I guess we ourselves are always more critical about our work than others are. I didn't even really see the dark pics before you mentioned them. My eyes were so drawn to the pretty light ones that I just overlooked the others.
    And that dress is gorgeous. I love how plaid is on the bias within the pleat. Seriously the perfect fabric for that pattern. Soo pretty. And I'm keeping my eyes open for a tester call ;)

  2. Yeah for a woven dress with long sleeves!!! They are hard to find in a style I like and a size range that we won't grow out of next week-- this is perfect!! I will be anxiously awaiting the release... Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  3. Both makes are lovely, the plaid works perfectly with the new pattern. This one will be a hit too!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. The dress and both your models are adorable x
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  5. You have the most unique and beautiful photos, Olga! And your new design is adorable, I love that front pleat and collar!

  6. I can't wait for this dress and this check version is beauuuuutiful!! The photos are so amazing!!

  7. Love both looks! I'm excited for the dress! I actually love these pictures! I am always on the lookout for places with huge windows and non florescent lights though.

  8. I really love these outfits, the dress is beautiful and the bubble skirt is something I could imagine sewing for my youngest. Your pictures always make me think "Wow" :)

  9. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! My indoor ones are way less perfect :)

  10. I love the 60ies idea - it is so in trend at the moment! I found the pattern idea so thoughtful: making sure that girls not only will look dressed-up for a special occasion but will also be comfortable playing in it. I m looking forward to all different creations that come with testing!
    PS is that light bubbles and potatoes on that wall paper? Indeed perplexing :D

  11. really liked the pictures and story. I have trouble when making anything not to find problems.

  12. wonderful dress, sophisticated and fun at the same time! Loved the photos and story, too.

  13. I'm going to try the bubble skirt pattern this weekend! 20 minutes? Who can NOT try that? Thank you!

  14. So happy to discover your blog. Love the photos & dresses! Hope your shoulder feels better. :-)

  15. Lovely outfits. Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. Forgive me if this goes through twice; thanks to you and your sponsor for a great giveaway. This is lovely fabric.

  17. Love how you used their sample strip. So cute. Can't wait to see your pattern!

  18. Oh yes - the winter photos trauma... I'm impressed that you made it to the art gallery! With two children looking so beautiful and uncrumpled!. The chances of getting my Missy dressed, in the way I want her to, getting her in the car, without bribery, and then getting her to smile serenely at our destination would be slim. Love the pleat front dress too x

  19. i really love *roam* ... the buffaloes are amazing ... i love the long-sleeve woven dress, also ... gorgeous fabric ... darlene


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