The Eleena Dress

When I was working on the Eleena dress pattern, I made a few samples to check for fit and most of them were never finished. A few were in particularly ugly fabrics, but this one I actually really liked.

It had two different flutter sleeves. I couldn't remember which one I chose for the pattern, so I ripped both up and started from scratch.

The fabric came from my stash, and unfortunately I don't remember what it is. It's quilting cotton. I don't really like quilting cotton for clothing, especially summer items. I think it's a bit too heavy and doesn't drape as nicely. But it worked.

The twirl factor is still there. :) 

I can't believe how big she is getting. She is our last, and I really have hard time with that. I understand perfectly well that having another baby would be madness. That I am getting too old, and that I struggled with caring her to term. My body is just too tired. It would be too risky. Plus, parenting is exhausting. I understand all that, yet I have this yearning inside of me and sadness that my babies are growing up so fast. 

I love one till four age. I love how small problems are. Their meltdowns are hilarious - the broken banana is indeed a tragic occurrence. I love how you are still in control. You can pick up the crying, kicking mess, and in a short while it's all good. I love that you are their hero and their belief system is mostly influenced by you. I love the innocence. I love the curiosity. I love the funny language.

Evelyn is approaching four. She is turning into a little girl. I will certainly miss this age.


  1. Those pictures are so perfect! I'm sure they will make you happy looking back at your little baby in a few years!

  2. Beautiful photos. The dress is adorable and so is your little one.

  3. What gorgeous photos! You should have that fourth one framed! I feel like blogging has been one of those things where you get to capture really beautiful moments of your children more often :)
    Cute dress too!

  4. I know all to well that feeling of your LAST baby growing up. We have three, and I already feel overwhelmed most of the time. I cannot even imagine four! She is so precious, and this dress is lovely!

  5. Gorgeous girl and pictures! I wish the youngest wouldn't grow up so fast. It took what felt like forever for my littlest sweetie to join our family and now she's big. :( I don't think my body or marriage or family could survive another difficult pregnancy or another baby that hates sleep. Hugs!

  6. Suuuch a beautiful dress, girl and post!!! You and I could not be any more different on this matter of kids. I would consider having more IF I could get them after year 4...I said consider haha.

  7. Oooh, I love this dress, but I love your Words even more... Sooo true!!

  8. She is beautiful as is the dress! You are such a good mama.��


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