Coffee+Thread Patterns Tour, Day 10!

It's the last day of the tour! I am so sad! Waaah! I knew it would be be amazing, I didn't know just how amazing it would be. I am so blown away by the creativity of the group! I am humbled that such talented ladies agreed to sew my patterns! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! The patterns are still on sale, use 'coffeeandthreadtour' to get the 20% discount. Shop HERE. Also last day for the giveaway, don't forget to enter HERE.

First up is my friend Ines of La Folie Sewing Booth. Ines is such an amazing maker. She dreams up the most stylish everyday clothes for herself and her children! I bet they are the best dressed in all the land! I am dying over her take on my patterns! How awesome is that outfit! Can't wait to see more. Go (no run) to her blog.

Next, is Verinne of Boevenbende. I got to know Verinne through the testing process. She is such an amazing maker, her sewing is always impeccable. And she has some ninja skills when it comes to pattern matching. Amazing! This Polina dress is so dreamy. That's not the only outfit she made,  there is more in her blog, I was told. Definitely check it out here!

How cool is this outfit made by Eva of With Love by Eva. I think this would make a perfect Easter outfit for a child who is not into frills or anything sweet! I love it! Eva is so awesome! She always makes the coolest things, both for kids and for herself. I love her style. She also collaborated on the girl dress pattern, the Tulip dress. I made it before (here) and I love it! Go to Eva's blog to see model pics! And if you happen to speak Dutch, go here. :)

Next, is Ana Sofia of S is for Sewing. I have been following Ana Sofia's blog for a very long time. There is something very nostalgic about her makes - classic lines in prettiest fabrics. She is also a master of adding trim. I love the Ila dress she made, so so beautiful! There is also an Ania tunic on her blog. Go here to see more!

Last, but certainly not least, on the tour is the fellow pattern maker and designer, Suz of Sewpony. I followed Suz for a long time as well, and made a couple of her patterns. I love her design aesthetics. She has such a good eye for adding interesting details to her designs. If you want practical, yet interesting, one of a kind clothes, she is your designer!  Go to her blog to see more! 

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