The Nina Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 5

More wonderful Nina blouses for you today! Use 'Ninapatterntour' code to get 20% off your total purchase. Shop here.

First up is Qwinta of Larth. I love everything she makes. Qwinta has such great taste and her daughter is such a fun model! See more pictures here.

Next up up is Jane of Buzzmills. Jane is definitely not new to the blogging world, I have been following her forever. I also think she might have made every single one of my patterns. I am so happy that she likes them! Love the blouse she made for her daughter! Such pretty colors! See more here.

And a tiny tiny Nina from Claudia of . Claudia is the organizer of the tour and usually makes beautiful and practical clothes for her two older daughters. I am not sure where she found a cute baby to sew for, but I am definitely excited to see more. How adorable are the bunnies!

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