Ottobre Shirt 4/2016 Issue

I bought the monster fabric years ago, It's by Paapi design and I am not sure if it's available any longer. I couldn't resist the monsters. Aren't they the cutest ever. At the time it was sold out pretty quickly and was only available in purple, so it was meant for little Ania.

Fast forward a few years of me procrastinating and little Ania is not so little anymore. I realized if I waited even longer Ania would be too grown for the print and I simply wouldn't have enough fabric to make anything for her.

The pattern came from Ottobre magazine, 4/2016 issue. It's actually a dress, but I shortened it to make a shirt. The pattern is also a bit fitted, but I made it more loose fitting. In other words this is not the best representation of the pattern. lol 

It's a simple raglan shirt but with a twist, the sleeve seams are curved. I really like it, but I am not thrilled with this on Ania. I am pretty sure she needs wide shoulders adjustment, she will in the future for sure. She loves it though and doesn't mind at all. 


  1. Well, look at you blogging! From one wide shoulder lady to another (Ania), yeah, raglan tees are tricky. Although I will say, I didn't notice it on her before you pointed it out. The print is crazy cute! Is this a snow day post? ;-)

  2. Ania looks so grown up! (I probably say that every time, don't I) I have totally done that before where I've gone and bought fabric for my older child and gotten as far as to cut out a pattern, but forward to "thank goodness she has a younger sister who might be able to fit into this now." Love the fabric, it's really fun!


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