Old shirt refashion

I dont' know where it came from, I don't remember buying it. I have had it for a long time  - hello shoulder pads. A few times it migrated to the Goodwil pile, but inevitably ended back in my closet. I never wore it, but couldn't part with it. I think it was the fabric - soft stretchy velour knit. And then it had stripes, I love stripes.
Hideous? Perhaps. Let's see what can be done to remedy that.  A dress for a little girl? Why not. This is a pretty fun and easy project.  The awesome part about recycling grown up clothes is that there is a possibility of keeping original neck or hem line. In this case I decided to keep the neck opening. It was a bit too big, no problem easy to fix.

I modified a basic t-shirt pattern by making it longer and wider at the bottom. Then I cut out front and back bodice keeping the shoulders intact. Next, I cut out the sleeves keeping the original hem. The sleeves were attached to the top of the dress, then the side and the sleeve seams were sewn in one continuous seam beginning at the bodice hem. Viola! The dress is done.

 Or not. Maybe an owl needs to be added. Mostly because I discovered a small stain in the process of sewing. Now it is done.

That's Ania's idea of modeling


  1. this is so cute!!! I saw your post on Today's creative blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks awesome!! I wish I could sew!! Great blog!

  3. Hey... I look that when I model too!!! That is simply adorable. Oh my goodness, what a good eye you have!!! The owl was the cherry on top! ** following you back!*** jules

  4. You are quite creative! Thanks for sharing! Following you back!!!

  5. OH, I love it and the owl is perfect! New follower from the minlge, would love a follow back.



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