Project Fail

It was supposed to be a quick and easy project. I found mens' designer jeans with the broken sipper for $3 at the outlet store. The size was ridiculously large, so I knew there would be enough fabric to play around. I could also use existing features, like pockets.

So, I traced one of the Burda pants patterns, and cut out my pieces.

Hmm, I thought, they look awfully large. And that's where I should have stopped. But oh no, I kept going.

Sewing the legs together, attaching an adjustable waist band, adding the back pockets, hemming.

 Hmm, I thought, they look kind of wide and short. Maybe it's the style. I finished them and once Eli came I was excited for him to try them on. Well, they were humongous, I could have fit two boys into them, maybe even three skinny ones. Sagging pants was not the look I was going for. Sigh.  I don't know what went wrong. I blame the new baby and the sleepless nights. I am pretty sure I accidentally traced Bermuda shorts, one of the options, in a gigantic size. Seriously.  I was way to lazy to rip the seams and start over, so I took them in in the back.  It somewhat helped. They are still wide and almost a bit too short. The elastic in the back certainly helps the matter.

However, Eli loves them. I don't blame him. They are essentially pajama pants.


  1. ohhh! they look great! what really matters is his opinion no? Thanks for passing at my blog!

  2. Thank you. They make me cringe, but as long as he loves them, it is ok. :)

  3. I think they look great too & I love the fabric. They can't be a fail when he loves them :-) Thanks for having a look at my blog.

    1. Thank you. Sorry, took so long to reply. Didn't realize I had a new coomment. :)


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