Men's Shirt Refashion

This week the challenge at Project Run and Play is to take a men's button-up shirt and refashion it into an outfit for a child. It all started with this.

I found this great Lacoste shirt at the local outlet store. I fell in love with fabric, it is very light and the colors are awesome. There is an obvious problem with the shirt, a huge ink stain right in the middle and above the pocket. Somebody tried to steal it, and the security device exploded. Too bad for the theif, good for me.  I think I paid $3.00 for it.

This is definately one of my most favorite things that I made for Ania. My goeal was to make sure that the final product didn't look like it was made from a men's shirt. Yet, I wanted to keep some of the original features of the shirt.
I liked the yoke and the pleat in the back of the shirt. The fabric looked the same on both sides, so I was able to flip it inside out and cut the front panel of the tunic saving the yoke and the pleat.

The front of the shirt became the back of the tunic. I cut the fron placket withe the buttons since it was damaged and added  a sipper. I also made small pleats mistly to conceal the inke stains. I really love how they turned out. I am also pretty stoked that they match perfectly. It doesn't take much to make me excited.

The sleeves were cut from the existing sleeves. I saved the placket, but made new cuffs, so they fit better. Ania loves anything that sparkles, so I added new buttons.

The pattern is my own creation, and it fits Ania perfectly. I am pretty stoked about that too. :)

The collar was added just because I wanted to use all the scraps. I think it adds a nice touch.

The patterns for the leggings came from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. I think they complete the outfit nicely.

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  1. This is too cute!! I've tucked this idea away as something to try once my little lady is a bit older! I've just begun a blog and would love for you to take a peek and follow me! Thanks!

  2. In looking at the final product, I would have never guessed that it was made from a men's shirt! It is so cute! And I love that collar!

  3. This is adorable! What a great way to re-use some of those shirts! I should try making one for my little one. Nice work!

    Joanne @

  4. I love that book. Super cute tunic! Nicely done. :)

  5. I think you totally succeeded in making something that is not obviously from a man's shirt. Nice job!

  6. I'm glad you added the's my favorite part :)

  7. great top, the color and drape of the fabric work perfectly for you here!

  8. That's a lovely top! WOW! I wish I knew how to sew and stuff!
    I'm also stopping by to let you know that you have been nominated for the "Liebster Award"! Congratulations! Stop by at to find out more about it!

  9. This is so cute - you've done such a good job :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  10. Ooh, I love the tunic style! The collar gives it just the right amount of girliness. So cute!
    Beth at

  11. We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along!
    With Love,

  12. Now isn't it ironic that the device that is supposed to keep the shirt from being stolen stopped the thief but ruined the shirt in the process?! Lucky you! So cute!!

  13. I'm glad you added the collar. I would have never guessed that it was made from a men's shirt! It is so cute! And I love that collar!
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