Project Run and Play - Signature Style

It's the Signature Style week at Project Run and Play.  Since I have been mostly sewing for Ania, I thought about making something that would reflect her signature style. Not an easy task. Ania's ultimate look would be footed pajamas spray painted with glitter. She would probably accessorize that with diamond earrings, if she can get a pair. What can I say, the girl is all about comfort and bling-bling. So I decided to merge my style and hers. My style is a mixture of classics and new fashion trends. I love well tailored, fitted clothes. I especially love dresses. They are easy and always  make you look put together.

We decided on a comfortable sweater dress refashioned for a dad's sweater.
I forgot to snap a picture of the sweater, was too excited to start remaking. It was a pretty simple refashion. When the dress was done, it was comfortable for sure, but sort of boring. It needed something special.
The embroidery came from Embroidered Effects. I love how it turned out. Just enough sparkle to make Ania happy.
A added small stitches around the neck to tie it all together.
Ania loves her new dress, but not the modeling outside in the cold. Poor child, suffering  in the name of fashion. :)


  1. very lovely, and of course the embroidery is very professional :) I also like the ribbon, it gives it a festive look!

  2. OOh, I want that in my size! I love the pulled together look that a dress gives, as well. But-I also love the comfort of a baggy sweater. This look has everything, from the embroidery to the comfort, to warmth, and even the dress.
    Great job Momma!
    with love

  3. I Love it! Your daughters "comfort and bling-bling" style totally reminds me of my sister! She's 17 and will still go out in her hello kitty footy pjs but with the "bling" all on. :D We've been doing the freezing poses too! I can't wait for the warmer weather! Great job again. The embroidery is lovely!

  4. Way to compromise!! Looks like it will be getting more wear that way :).

  5. This is just so lovely! What a great look.

  6. So cozy and delightful. Wonderful embroidery!

  7. I love this color. Great reuse of dad's sweater!

  8. Great color, and you did great with the embroidery! :)

    I wanted to invite you to our weekly Meet & Greet blog hop! It runs Friday nights to the end of Mondays, come link up this weekend if you have some time :)

  9. Beautiful embroidery, the perfect touch!!

  10. Darling dress. It's too bad the outside is the only place to get enough light this time of year. Spring is coming! I know it is.


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