A Skirt with a Twist

An origami looking skirt tutorial.

This is a simple skirt that features tucks top stitched in a zigzag pattern to create wavy, twisted effect.

Before cutting the fabric, determine the length of your skirt. Add about 4 inches for an elastic casing and a hem, then add an inch for each tuck. I made seven tucks. My daughter is four and wears size 6 clothes. For a child age 4-6, cut a strip of fabric 22-23 inches long.

Step 1 - Fold the fabric in half length-wise, right side to right side and stitch down. Neaten the raw edges. You will now have a  tube. Hem it.

Step 2 - Mark 5-7 horizontal tuck lines at 2 in. intervals. Fold the skirt at the mark and stitch a 1/2 tuck. Repeat until you created 5-7 tucks.

Step 3 - At the top row, mark the skirt every five inches or so - just make sure the intervals between the marks are equal all around.

Step 4. Repeat step three at the bottom of the skirt. Your first mark needs to be exactly in between the two marks at the top row. Connect the top and bottom marks creating a zigzag pattern.

Step 5. Stitch along the lines, pushing the tucks up and down. I used one of the decorative stitches available on my machine.

Step 6. Make a casing by folding down the waist edge twice. Stitch along the lower edge leaving an opening to insert the elastic. Insert the elastic and stitch the opening shut. You have a finished skirt!


  1. This is darling! Definitely going to make this for my girls! Thanks for the tute!

  2. That skirt is amazing! I love it!!

  3. Esta falda me encanta, la apunto ahora solo me falta encontrar la tela apropiada, gracias

  4. Very cute, I'm going to pin this.

  5. What a wonderful idea - a lovely skirt and I really like the colour.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  6. I saw this over at the Mouse House, and left a comment there. I was wondering what kind of fabric you would recommend for this skirt. I was thinking about trying it with a knit.

  7. I love that little whimsical skirt. I think my youngest child is not too big for that type of skirt. Every now and then I take out my sewing machine to do a tad bit of sewing. This has me thinking that I may need to take it out again.

  8. I love it.i am definitely giving this a try.

  9. Thank you so much for the explanation! It's beautiful.

  10. Such a fun little skirt with the tucks going in opposite directions, Olga.

  11. Hi Olga, I've featured your skirt tutorial today...


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