Star Pockets Tutorial

 Here is the promised star shaped pockets tutorial.

1. Start with your favorite pant pattern. You will need one that has separate pieces for front and back. Don't have a pattern? Create your own by tracing you child's favorite sweat pants.  Draw a pocket. 

2. To make a star, I used one of my handy ruler type tools from my scrapbooking days. Obviously, you don't need one, just find a star online, print it and cut it out. One thing to keep in mind - your pocket needs to be as wide and as long as your star. 

3. Trace part of your star into the pocket. It would look something like the picture below. 
4. Cut out the pocket and the facing for the pocket that has a part of the star drawn on it. 
5. Cut out your front pant pattern piece. 
6. Place the facing onto the front pant piece right side to right side.

7. Stitch the top part only.

8. Flip the facing onto the back, use your fingers to manipulate the corners. Press. 
9. Use the star shape you created to draw the star onto the pants. I used a white Crayola pencil, but you can certainly use a medium more appropriate for fabric. 

10. Pin the pocket to the pants and topstitch the star. Repeat on the other side and you are done.
Now a strike your best pose.




  1. This is so cute! Adorable model, too! :) Your newest follower from Inspiration in Progress.


  2. What a fabulous idea and a great way to jazz up clothing for boys!!!

  3. I just love how Maksim models! such a star :) but of course the outfit is worth showing it off :)


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