Sewing for Pre-school

Mie of Sewing Like Mad has a fun series going on  - Sewing for Kindergarten. I don't have a kindergartener this year so I don't qualify. However, she was kind enough to let the rest of us join in by creating  Flickr  groups for different ages, from pre-school through high school. Utter cuteness has been uploaded and of course made me want to sew for my kiddos.

The fabric came from my stash. I bought it on line a while ago and the color looked salmon on my computer screen. Well, it is not salmon, it's pink, dusty rose pink. I didn't like it, but somehow I love it here.
The pattern came from Ottobre 4/2011. I modified the skirt by adding pleats instead of gathers. That's the pattern that looks almost exactly the same as my remix here. The actual cup in the photo shoot came from Ania's late great grandmother. It is antique, so naturally it was brilliant of me to let a four year old play with it. :)
The fit is perfect. I love Ottobre patterns because if you use your child's measurements it will always be a perfect fit.
We both like the results. It is an easy and satisfying project. 


  1. Hey... Where did my previous comment go?? Oh well, just wanted to say I loooove it and it also looks super comfortable!! Did the cup survive?

  2. O, so British :) afternoon tea party! I actually like the color and the pattern very much (love for nice tea cups run in the family). I also realize that it reminds me of that pink polka-dotted dress you made for Evelina? Does it mean I start understanding the intricacies of sewing patterns just a bit? :) overall, lovely dress for a little lady!

  3. I just discovered the amazingness that is Ottobre. Why didn't anyone tell me earlier? also, I love the tea cup fabric! adorable!

  4. So adorable! I love the look the pleats gave it.

  5. What a lovely outfit :) Def not salmon haha but of so cute!

  6. love it! The tea-time fabric is adorable!


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