White Cardigan for a Girl

This is my last project during the KCW. I wanted to make a cardigan for my oldest daughter, so she can wear it on top of her dresses or by itself.

I don't know what's happening to the collar, it's just fine in real life. :) The pattern came from a Japanese pattern book, Polka Drops. This is the second time I made it, the first one is  here. Now it's all stained and getting to be a bit small. I like that the pattern is androgynous (yes, I was looking for a chance to use the word, LOL). I can't wait to make one for my three year old son. 

The white knit I discovered in the remnant bin at my local fabric store. The leopard pockets and buttons came from the baby's pjs that were too small.
I am quite happy with the results and had almost no issues making it. The collar wouldn't fit, and I had to cut a bigger one. I remembered that the same thing happened last time I made it. Chances are I accidentally traced the wrong size.  I am sure this one will get much use. The skirt is Oilily. 


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