The Mulberry Tunic

In June we all went to see my parents in Ukraine and I did a lot of feverish sewing before the trip. I made several Mulberry tunics (purchase pattern here) for my son. It's a great pattern for summer, casual and comfortable. (On sale till August 18th, midnight, with backtoscool code)

I made no modifications, except I cut the yoke on bias, to add more interest. 

I love the ease of the tunic, it's perfect to play in, but less casual then a plain t-shirt. The fabric came from my stash. It's really nice cotton shirting that I got at the garage sale for a quarter. No kidding. And I had a lot of it. I already made a dress for Ania from it (here). Ania got all excited and told Max that they can go to school as twins. Max wasn't so thrilled about the idea. lol

We were at the huge park, that I remember going to as a child. It was a perfect giveaway from the frenzy and noise of the city. The park is split by a very deep ravine. The two parts are connected by the bridge, called the Lovers Bridge. We went there to take pictures, but that never happened. I forgot how much I was scared of the heights, plus it didn't look reliable enough to me, ha! 

Instead we went to explore a creek. 

Max loves his shirt and wears it all the time. It's comfortable and easy to wear.  


  1. Great shirt - I love that fabric, and I love it even more now that I know how much it cost. Hope you had a great trip visiting your family.

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! Even though you didn't make it to the bridge ;-)

  3. I love this shirt (and the fact that Ania suggested twinning!) - I really like the ease and casual feel of it while still being different from your usual button-down shirt. And of course I love your gorgeous photos!!

  4. Love Ania's twinning suggestion haha and I love Max's panicking. This looks perfect on him....and uhhm, when did he grow up so much? Lovely photos as always!

  5. The shirt is fantastic, I love the yoke in the bias! your pictures are so magical!!!

  6. I love the tunic and the pictures! It is really a great solution for playing and going out with the kids: less casual than a Tshirt but still super light and comfortable! Ha ha, how come you didnt dare to go on the bridge? Bart and I tested it when jogging, no problem :D

  7. Somehow I missed this post. Going to school as twins. haha! That's so sweet though!

    That's so amazing that your kids got to go to the same park that you went to as a child! What an amazing experience, one that might become even more meaningful to them when they reflect back upon it as adult. Because, kids. :)

    Wish I could leave you a blue heart but I'm typing from my computer, so... no emojis. :P

  8. I love the tunic, it really fits him great, as with the other pair, for the kindergarten-serie! hope you had a really nice time in Ukrain! Maybe hard to come back? (or maybe not ;-) )


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