Burda Shirt in Elvelyckan Design Fabric

A while ago I was chosen through an IG contest to become a seamstress for Elvelyckan Design fabric. I was very happy to be chosen, I wanted to try their fabric for a long time. I love their design aesthetics. I was also super pumped that it's also so yummy and soft, really good quality.

They sent me two different cuts, one perfect for a dress for a little girl (coming soon) and one perfect for me! Everybody wins. Contrary to what my facial expression above might suggest, I do love my new top. 

I didn't have enough fabric for the top, so I made the sleeves from the knit fabric similar in weight that came from my stash. Now, I wish I can tell you what pattern I used and where to buy it. When I was in Ukraine, I bought a whole bunch of Burda Style magazines, since it's so cheap there. An issue costs less than $2.00. Of course I bought every singe issue I came across. I might have overdosed a bit on Burda style magazines. Lol One of the magazines I bought was a special issue, called Sewing Academy by Burda, 2015. It has a few patterns and illustrated instructions for each. This particular pattern came from that magazine. I searched the Burda patterns website, but couldn't find it there. If you happen to know the link to the digital version, do share! UPDATE: We have a link to the pattern! Yeah! Go HERE to get the pattern. 

Why so glum, Olga? It's a fair question.:) I have no idea, I thought I was pleasant. This is my normal resting, non-emotional face. Ok, back to the shirt. I was directed to choose the size according to my chest measurements, which put me in size 36. It seemed small, I am normally size 38 or even 40 in Burda patterns (size 4 ready-to wear in US), so I went with my gut feeling and cut size 38. I was right.The fit is spot on.

The pattern lines are quiet interesting, there are gathers on one side and gathers next to the sleeve on the opposite side. It's perfect for stripes. It's also very long, including sleeves! I can pull it down and it becomes a mini dress straight out of 1999. I came downstairs wearing it as a dress and asked my husband how I looked. He just gulped, and asked me if I was going to wear it like that. His facial expression was a mixture of disbelief and concern for his wife's sanity. It was quite funny to mess with him. lol

The fabric is really awesome, it's sturdy and soft with just the right amount of stretch. I definitely recommend it!

Check out the Elvelyckan Design store HERE for all the awesome choices.


  1. I think this is the link you were looking for: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/asymmetrical-jersey-top-012014?utm_source=burdastyle&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=bsawblog122313-asymjerseytoptxt

  2. Haha, I can just see your husband's facial expression. This is such a fun pattern....yes, it's a long-sleeved tee but with great details. And that fabric is really nice!

  3. You look so pretty!!! The top looks really nice and the fabric choice is very good for the pattern.

  4. I love that fabric! And the top is really cool. I like all the details -- and the length looks great on you, though maybe not such a good idea to go out wearing it as a dress, haha ;)

  5. LOL! I have the same resting face. I think a lot of Slavs do, honestly :) Great top, the ruching is so nice.

  6. hahahahaha poor husband. I think I have the same resting face haha Love the lines of the top.

  7. I love this top! I think it must be very flattering too, at least I think it might be, of course you don't need it ;-) It just fits you perfectly! I liked reading this post very much, you made me laugh :-)


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