The Geneva Cardigan Tour, Day One

I am very excited to announce a week long tour of the Geneva Cardigan Pattern. All the participants tested the pattern. I can't wait to see all their creations. During the tour use GENEVAPATTERNTOUR discount code to receive 15% off your entire purchase. Shop HERE.

First up is Fleur who shares her adorable creations on IG, fleursebregts She already made two adorable cardigans during testing and here are two more. I love it so much! I have the same kitty fabric and I am pretty making it into a Geneva cardigan will be a sure way to get a Mother of the Year award! 

Next up is  Dagbjört of By Dagbjort. I love her blog. The things she makes always look effortless and cheerful! She made the most awesome Geneva cardigans during testing (here). I think they are the epitome of cool. Dagbjört tested for me a few times and I am always happy to have her on board. Love the new cardigan! Go here to see more.

Delphine of @ainsifeefee also tested for me a few times. She made the coolest Cardigan for her boy with perfectly matching stripes during testing. And I am in love with the new one! So cool. Go here to see more.

Saskia of the Belgian blog KIA is sharing two cardigans she made during testing. Love the fabric she used! I think both are so adorable. Go here to see for yourself!

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  1. all such a pretty versions! What a great pattern this is!!


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