Simplicity 8341 Review

I sewed a few things for myself before our trip to Ukraine, but didn't have the time to share. It's never too late, right! :) The first pattern I made was Simplicity 8341 by Mimi G. 

It's a bit of an unusual choice for me. If you look through my closet there are a few things that you won't find. There are no floral prints, especially small floral prints. There are no ruffles or open shoulder styles. Nothing is super bright. There are no really oversized, baggy things. Clearly this dress fits right in. Not. lol It was a strange choice in both the pattern and the fabric, but it grew on me. I wear it quite often and liked it very much.

I made a small modification to the pattern. It comes with a collar stand and a collar. I skipped both and finished the neckline with the bias tape. I planned to have the collar, but didn't have enough fabric. What else is new. Originally I had the collar stand, but I didnt' like it for some reason an dhad to rip off.

One thing that surprised me is how much ease the pattern has. My bust measurement put me in size 8. My waist and hip measurements put me in size 12. I wear between size 4 and 6 in store bought clothes. The patterns provides finished garment bust measurements.The difference between my measurements and the finished dress measurements were something like 7 inches.  One of the things I usually do and it saves me a lot of headache is measure the pattern pieces. It gives the general idea of the final fit. (Dont' forget to take the seam allowances into the consideration). So upon measuring the pattern pieces, doing a tiny bit of math and wrapping the tape around myself to make sure I decided to make size 6. I am glad I did. I think the fit is spot on!

It's fitted in the shoulders and loose and flowy everywhere else without swallowing me alive.

The fabric came a long time ago from L'oiseau Fabrics. I am sure they don't have it any longer, but they have so many other awesome choices. The fabric is very lovely European poplin with a bit of stretch. It's really a dream to work with and it wears beautifully, much better than something like quilting cotton. If you never tried poplins, I highly recommend it!

I clash a bit with the greenery, but the roses are lovely. :)


  1. You look stunning in this dress Olga! Gorgeous!

  2. I'm DYING over this dress. WOW Olga. I have never seen this pattern before but it's certainly on my radar now. SO perfect in this fabric and the black fabric and the metal snaps (still so proud of you!) are the perfect and super cool contrast. It's taking this dress from cute to COOL. So so cool! And the photos...holy moly, you look gorgeous!

  3. You look awesome on the picture in front of the fountain!
    Like a top model :-)

  4. I agree with everyone - you look GORGEOUS! And this dress is fabulous! I'm so glad you talk about poplin, too. I keep seeing it but have not been brave enough to get any, so I have been wondering how it differs from regular (quilting) cotton. Judging from your pretty ruffles, it looks like it is great for garments!

  5. I would not have expected to like this pattern as much as I like it on you. very pretty.


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