Ines Inspired

I am giddy with excitement as I type this. This blog post is a surprise for a dear friend! When Sara of Made by Sara included me in her invitation to participate in a special surprise event for Ines of La Folie, I immediately agreed. Today we are trying to imitate Ines's style because she is awesome! The graphic was created by the super talented Toya!

Once the excitement subsided and it was time to sew, I became super nervous. It's not easy to emulate a person's style, especially somebody as cool as Ines. Everything she makes has an effortless chic vibe. So here are my feeble attempts at being as cool as Ines. :)

I made two things and I hope Ines likes them!

The mini dress was inspired by the mini dress Ines posted to her IG a while ago. I just loved it. I really love a good mini dress! Though, I strongly doubt I would ever wear it as a dress. It will become a long oversized sweater.  It's just more practical plus it's see through, definitely a slip is needed to wear it as a dress. 

The pattern is a modified Burda pattern (can be purchased here). I already used it once to make this sweater. The magazine suggested to sew the slits down and make it into a mini dress. So I did. :) 

 The fabric is veeeery loose weave sweater knit. It looks beautiful but was a total bear to work with.
I had to hem everything by hand, and  I am still not totally happy with the hem. The neckline was finished by hand too, and that turned out great. I guess you win some, you lose some. Lol

The second thing I made is the pattern I am working on. It's almost done and ready to go into testing. A few small mods left to make. I am also adding another option.

 I hope Ines likes it!

I really like this fabric. It's from Wanderlust by Monaluna. I can't remember now where I got it. It's really yummy and I love the print. Hopefully Ines likes it too. 

One thing that Ines is known for is her great smile. I tried and failed at that. lol Check out all the other posts! I can't wait to see what everybody made! We love you, Ines. Check out the rest of the awesome bloggers and instagrammers!


  1. Both items are so great Olga and YOU look great in them. Heart eyes! ;-)

  2. Really lovely Olga, especially the blouse, it really suits you and the fabric is amazing.

  3. I love these both, Olga!! You look so good. And that blouse -- I am SO excited for that pattern!!!!!

  4. You look beautiful in both! That dress is amazing.

  5. Oh my. Those legs. Wear the dress as a dress!!! You look absolutely stunning!

  6. Oh my. Those legs. Wear the dress as a dress!!! You look absolutely stunning!

  7. Funny how almost all of you used high-low-hems, exactly what I would do if someone asked me to sew something Ines-inspired! I'm in love with your top, the fabric is so sweet.


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