Petit Oiseau Tour

I heard good things about Files a Maman patterns and wanted to try one. She has quite a  few to choose from. When Melanie invited me to participate in the pattern tour for her latest release, I enthusiastically agreed. The Petit Oiseau shirt is probably the fastest shirt to make! It comes in huge range of sizes and several options.

It is a shirt pattern, however it had to become a dress for me to have any hope that the child would ever wear it. There was no other way. :) It's really funny how particular she is about what she wears. Pants are a big big no-no, but leggings are acceptable. Dresses are her favorite. She used to love pink and purple, now pink fell out favor. She is hugely into black recently. I joke with my husband that she is going through a goth period. It's especially amusing to me, since all her siblings care less what they wear and quite happy if I choose their wardrobe.

The pattern has a fun insert which is perfect for color blocking. There is also an option of adding a frill. I might do that next time, the girl is all about frills.

The changes are made are quite easy - I lengthen the pattern, added bands at the bottom hem and sleeves. There was no real reason for adding bands, I just felt like it. Plus I could make the whole shirt on my serger. Pretty sweet. The fabric came from my stash - I used polka dot in front and solid white in the back.

The dress was met with approval. She wore it for a bit before changing into black leggings and shirt. The pattern is really fun to make, so quick and easy, yet the result is unique. I will definitely use it again.  The pattern is only $6.00 untill Friday. Get it  HERE! Of course there is no blog tour without a giveaway! Good luck!

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  1. I love your version! She looks too cute! :)

  2. How lovely, it looks great as a dress, especially with the fabric you choose. It really is a complete new look, very clever.

  3. I love that you made it into a dress! It looks so sweet. I'm going to have to try this for my girls. In pink. With the ruffle. Sigh ;)

  4. This looks like such a cool pattern and how clever to make it into a dress. Love it!

  5. Lovely dress, I really like the color blocking and pattern combination.

  6. This is so Wow! The pictures, the dress, the fabric, the model! Thanks a lot for being a part of this tour!
    Hugs, xxx

  7. Oh she is just like my daughter, except the colour black - R hates it! Her smile looks a lot like her big sister's now :)

  8. Too cute! Love those fabrics and I think turning into a dress worked great!


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